KCK is a registered trademark of the company. In the humble trade of stationery we do not see new inventions on a daily basis. However, we believe that ordinary products could have many extraordinary attributes.
•    We are committed to make ordinary products with extraordinary quality.
•    We innovate new features to make ordinary products more user friendly and fun.
As an all round stationery supplier we not only hold our own brand; we are also sole-representative of international brands from company that share the same values as ours.

Office & Children Stationery

Fine Art, Crafts & Colours

The Business
Over the years, there are many changes in the ways we conduct our business. However, it has always been guided by our company's core values. Currently, our business is divided into 3 main segments that are differentiated by the 3 core products groups.
•    Office Stationery
•    Fine Arts & Craft
•    Children Stationery & Gifts